Property Rewiring and Installation

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Electrical Rewiring of Your Home or Property

Whether you`ve purchased an old property or you are building a brand new one, you will probably need an upgrade to your electrical system or a new installation.

If you have any doubts, it is worth considering a full Periodic Test and Inspection Report. We at South Warwickshire Electrical Services are here to help, recommend and give you sound practical advice with our combined 50 years’ experience within the electrical industry. Please do not hesitate to Contact Mark on 07967 – 294093


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Older Properties Important News!

  • Having purchased, or just in the position to purchase an older property you need to acknowledge the way we use electricity has changed over the past couple of decades, due to more electrical appliances, gadgets, sound and visual accessories a property incorporates.

  • Today’s modern fuse boards and up to date electrical wiring systems are designed to safely manage the volume of electricity the average home requires. Additional lighting, both internal and external, smoke and heat detection, garden power and the installing of additional wall sockets and recessed lighting are many factors that may need including within your new purchase.

  • With today’s upward movement in the cost of electricity you need to consider your electric output i.e. with the use of low wattage lighting, light-emitting diode (LED) lamps that pull far less power consumption than halogen or incandescent.

  • The priority for South Warwickshire Electrical Services is safety to persons and property. Therefore your electrical system should be controlled by a new 17th Edition Fuse Board that ensures overload and electrical disconnection within the parameters lay down by the IEE Regulations.

  • It is more common that older properties will require electrical upgrading; they may still incorporate old style fuse boards, sockets and switches. The earth bonding to the property could be inadequate or non-existent. Separately the specific type of wiring, for instance, rubber insulated cable that has been obsolete since the early 1960s could be still be present with your property.

  • It is a fact that faulty outdated wiring and electrical accessories contribute to property fires, injury and death by electrocution.

  • If you have any doubts to the condition of your property`s electrics then please do not hesitate to call Mark on 07967 – 294093 for a free visual inspection.

Why you may need to rewire your home or property?:

  • Out of date fuse boards and sockets
  • Worried about the electrical safety of your property
  • Selling the property
  • Upgrading or renovation
  • Want greater power efficiency
  • Wiring has gone faulty
  • New appliances added and the old system is insufficient to power them

Decades Of Electrical Rewiring Experience!

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